5 Ways To Get Rid Of Stress And Anxiety, These Anxiety Remedies Will Make Life Easier [Guest Post]

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Suffering from stress and anxiety is no joke and should not be underestimated. Many people start having depressive episodes that cannot be controlled at the later stage.

Overthinking can be blamed for a lot of stress and anxiety. When we start to worry and overthink about problems that are not in our hands, anxiety happens. Anxiety does not always need a reason. Some people suffer from panic attacks without any reason. At least, without any awareness about what triggers panic attacks. Some people ruminate on unpleasant moments before sleeping.

The point is – There are many reasons why we experience anxiety and stress. A large part of dealing with anxiety is knowing how to cope with it. Let us find out how you can cope with anxiety on your own.

We have some tips for you that can reduce your symptoms of anxiety.

1. Meditation & Yoga

Meditation has been a part of eastern culture since centuries. Only recently it was noticed that it is not just a random cultural thing, but it actually gives peace. There are different types of meditations, and all of them have different techniques. Some require the person to do breathing exercises, which is very good if you want to calm down.

Yoga is a great way to get into meditation. Yoga is excellent for improving overall well-being and defending against depression. Here is what the science says.

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In some cases, you must sit quietly in a peaceful environment. When you sit in silence, you have nothing but your thoughts to keep you company. The purpose of meditation is that the person can face his inner demons and challenge them so that he can finally move on.

2. Third person self-talk

Research shows that talking with yourself or writing your thoughts down in the 3rd person can reduce anxiety by creating psychological distance between you and the emotions. This is a powerful technique to use on-the-go. You can address yourself with your own name or you can refer to yourself as he/she/they.

3. Exercise

Exercise has been linked to a healthy life. We normally associate exercise with physical exercise, or something people do to lose their weight when it is not true. Exercise is for a person of every age and body size. It does not only help you keep your body healthy, but also your mind. Set aside a time in your routine for exercise, even if it is fifteen minutes of walking or running. You will begin to notice the difference soon.

Exercise plays a larger role too – in creating a life of happiness. You can read more about how to be happy here.

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4. Take Quick Breaks!

Working continuously without any break can put more stress on your mind. The best way to keep active and fresh is to take small breaks between your work hours. These breaks can be small walks outside, something that can take your mind off work related things. A walk in nature will also calm down the nerves. Get some snacks as well to keep your sugar levels balanced.

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5. Get a Pet

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A pet can do wonder, and if you are suffering from stress, it will help you cope with it. Many doctors advice stressed people to keep a pet. Tending to their needs will give your life a purpose and unconditional love. Interacting with pets can release oxytocin, which is a brain chemical that promotes a positive mood.

Getting a pet is a part of something bigger – Biophilia. It is our innate tendency to connect with nature and it’s life-forms. Research shows that interacting with other life-forms is an excellent way to cope with stress, improve well-being, and generate satisfaction.

Get a Pet.jpg

These tips will help you battle anxiety, and after a time, you will learn how to control it instead of letting it control you!

If you need more ways to reduce anxiety check out these robust techniques developed based on what we know about anxiety.

  • Use 3rd person self-talk to distance yourself from anxiety-inducing contexts to improve emotional regulation. Read this to know how.
  • Work on redefining anxious thoughts with emotional details so you can convert them into actionable practical thoughts which convert anxiety into rationality. Read this to know how.

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Currently a student of English Literature, in her final years, Carolina Martel is passionate about writing her thoughts in words. She takes up writing projects in her leisure time to accompany her studies. Generally, she understands the essence of writing on every topic but especially those that relate to her field. She regularly writes at ShadeCo.

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