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1. Modern-day life skills (Date: TBD)

The 21st-century post-pandemic world is unlike anything we’ve seen in history. Public health, education, communication, social health, online behavior has taken a complete detour from what we’ve grown up with. That is why the idea of Life-skills has completely changed. To facilitate growth in the near future and help others adjust to the world, cognition today is planning a life-skills training program.

Course details

Sign-up & Inquiry: You can get in touch with Aditya Shukla via email ([email protected]) or phone (+91 9923747132) directly

Contact person: Call or Whatsapp: Aditya Shukla (+91 9923747132); email: [email protected]

Offered by: Cognition Today

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Venue: Online

Fees: TBD

Outcome: Life skills certificate and awareness of mental tools to improve life in unexpected ways

What will I learn?

Communication skills

  1. Language proficiency, internet speak, computer-speak, cross-cultural sharing, local skills
  2. Empathy
  3. Responsible sharing of information
  4. Conflict resolution
  5. Assertiveness and standing up
  6. Cultural sensitivity
  7. Self-presentation offline and online

Transactive memory

  1. Social capital
  2. Networking

DIY skills

  1. Learning to troubleshoot
  2. Customer care and free resources
  3. Doing your own research


  1. Multiple options ready applications, project ideas, etc.
  2. Multiple problem-solving approaches

Developing expertise

  1. Signal-noise, sensitivity, reliability
  2. Variety and mental flexibility, jack-of-many

Developing trust in authority

  1. Medical info
  2. Official statements
  3. Misinformation, validity check

Creativity skills

  1. Mandatory ability to “create” and “populate ideas”
  2. Mandatory ability to prove you can create

Community help

  1. Internet tax, paying-forward, upkeep
  2. Meta-personal identity

Self-help and self-care

  1. Choosing the right bandwagon
  2. Understanding the survivorship bias
  3. Self-regulation, emotion-regulation, and social management

Decision making & problem-solving

  1. Cognitive biases & overcoming them
  2. The Einstellung effect, problem set, construal level, problem space
  3. Mental models

Who can enroll in this life-skills training course?

Any student who wants to improve life-skills and adapt can take this course. Its perfectly suited for counselors, educators, managers, entrepreneurs, students, and coaches. The certificate will also help anyone who wants to use life-skills training at a professional level or refresh previous training.

Minimum requirements

This course does not have any academic or career-based minimum requirements. Your interest and motivation is perfect!

Sign-up & Inquiry: You can get in touch with Aditya Shukla via email ([email protected]) or phone (+91 9923747132) directly