What's your intelligence type?

You can have more than 1! Even 4!


Howard Gardner proposed a theory of multiple intelligences in the 1980s with 8 types that are wildly practical. I've mapped them to professional skill sets.


Visuo-spatial intelligence

Describes sophistication in visualizing and arranging information in a mental map.

Skills: puzzles, design, data visualization, navigation, organizing


Naturalist intelligence

Describes an understanding of nature and life forms

Skills: Gardening, plant + animal behavior, environmental sensitivity, biology


Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

Describes a deep understanding of movement, body positions, coordination, dance, sports, etc

Skills: Dance/Movement, sports, medical and physiology, sex


Musical intelligence

Describes an intuitive understanding of sounds, rhythm, voice, etc.

Skills: Playing instruments, studying music, sound engineering, singing


Linguistic intelligence

Describes language skills and comprehension

Skills: Communication, Counseling, Consulting, Managing, Teaching


Intra-personal intelligence

Describes personal insight, self-reflection, self-awareness, etc.

Skills: Counseling, Mentoring, Influencing, Writing, Speaking


Interpersonal intelligence

Describes social and emotional intelligence regarding relationships, culture, communities, etc.

Skills: Management, Human resources, Teaching, Counseling, Politics, Marketing


Logical-mathematical intelligence

Describes scientific thinking, liking of numbers and theories, etc.

Skills: Science, Data, R&D, Engineering, Academia, Teaching, Finance, Entrepreneurship


Digital Intelligence

Gardner proposed an additional intelligence that describes a core understanding of handling computers, apps, and activities on the internet.

Skills: Social media, marketing, influencer, entrepreneurship, cloud, web design, advertising, UIUX, intuition with gadgets