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There, I removed the vowels. You still know what it means – Cognition Today.

This is because there are a number of cognitive processes at work. Your brain does a lot of guess work. But it isn’t random. It is context dependent.

You are here, you already had a context. Your brain knew it too. Reading the letters in the page title conveyed enough information for you to know the following:

  1. The fact that the word is supposed to be meaningful
  2. The fact that there are limited options that make sense
  3. Lack of vowels based on your experience with the English language

Your brain then used cognitive processes such as pattern matching, attention, prediction, feedback loops, etc. to arrive at a conclusion. But this isn’t the complete picture.

Tonnes of other things happened too. This is a website that will shed light on what happens inside your head.

We’ve tried to keep the website non-academic so it is accessible to many more people. In light of that, we have focused a lot on the applications of psychological research.

Information on this site is largely sourced from the original research papers. We thank those who do the research and figure things out.

Our mission here is to demystify the human mind, draw broader insights from a variety of psychology research, and make research useful to you.

These psychological applications should help most people make tangible changes in their lives.

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