High intelligence can be EPIC, but it comes with a few problems

IQ comparison

High IQ

Average IQ

120+ IQ points, typically a graduate with good problem-solving skills, strong memory, and reasoning.

Around 100 IQ points,  can get by with everyday life with good adjustment


Mental Processes that give high IQ sometimes interfere with everyday life

Allergies and health issues

The hyper-brain/hyper-body theory suggests that those who have high IQ are also at a higher risk of physical and mental illnesses. A hyper active brain puts the immune system under stress making one susceptible.

Need instant gratification

Many high IQ people have problems with impulse control and prefer to seek immediate rewards instead of waiting for long-term rewards. And they can convince themselves it's a good idea.

Romantic troubles

People love to say they want an intelligent partner, but surveys show a limit to how intelligent. Up to the 90th percentile in intelligence (120 IQ), people find intelligence desirable. But for higher intelligence (top 10%), they have concerns about compatibility and social skills.

Performance Anxiety

Negative thoughts choke-up memory because they have a huge memory capacity which handles many outcomes and possibilities. Working memory helps us perform well and when it is choked up, our performance drops.