Most people google and look at a "search snippet" that Google thinks is the answer you are looking for.

Become a better Googler

By Aditya Shukla, Cyberpsychologist

What's wrong in the snippet?

The items is supposed to be a list of things to do during a stroke. But those are things that you must NOT do. The website says Do NOT: and lists the items. But the word NOT is not inserted in the snippet. So wrong answer appears like the right answer. 30 second google searches don't inform you correctly.

Without prior knowledge, you can't easily figure out if the search snippet is right or wrong. Misaligned snippets appear often. So... How do you improve your searches?

Some websites give wrong info that google can't figure out as right or wrong.

1. Use 3 sources from trusted brands

-Author should be a subject matter expert -Sources should be linked -Brand should lead the industry

2. Look for transparency

Minus sign with the word -wikihow will eliminate results from wikihow

3. Minus sign

How to clean sofa -wikihow

Putting a word in " " double quotes gives results that always contain that word. Else, you won't realize the word isn't even there in the search snippet.

4. Double quotes

Signs of anxiety "phobia"

Attach words like Reddit or stackexchange to find niche solutions that articles don't cover.

5. Search forums

How to download asfgj reddit

Are you googling medical symptoms regularly and stressing out? It's time to understand cyberchondria.