Can you spot these Cognitive Biases? [9 scenarios, Quiz]

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Take this cognitive biases quiz to understand how these biases affect your daily life and perception.

Can you identify them?

Context: Cognitive biases are small errors in judgment that deviate from perfect logic. They don’t completely warp reality, but they modify our experience of the world by ignoring some details and valuing other details. They are generally automatic, quick, and “feel” correct, even when they aren’t. The biases sometimes lead to bad decisions and wrong judgments.

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Can you spot these Cognitive Biases? [9 scenarios]

Take this cognitive biases quiz to understand how these biases affect your daily life and perception. Can you identify them?

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1. You ignored a movie recommendation and then spent 1 hour browsing for a new movie on Netflix, only to feel more confused by the 100s of options and not watch any movie in the end.

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2. I google to confirm what I already know and ignore any other perspective on a topic

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3. If I follow the habits of a millionaire, I can be a millionaire.

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4. You love a restaurant's food after travelling for 2 hours with a lot of traffic.

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5. I take the same road every day for 2 years but I didn't even realize this store at the junction shut down 6 months ago.

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6. While playing a team game, you believe you lost because your team mate played poorly. But when you won previously, you thought you won because of your skill.

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7. You've spent 6 months working on a project and it is just not getting you any money. You feel you need to continue doing the project because you've already spent 6 months working on it, so why not more!

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8. You think of buying a new car and you suddenly start seeing it everywhere and then you conclude your choice is a common choice

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9. You didn't enjoy a trip to a hilly area 10 years ago because you found it boring. But today you feel it was really nice because you had a dramatic fun return travel and you remember the highlights.

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