Psychology Myth vs. Fact Quiz (10 questions)

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Think you know something about the brain?

I’ve picked some common insights seen in TV or everyday conversations.

Find out if you know if they are a myth or a fact.

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Created on By Aditya Shukla

Can you identify these psychology myths?

Test your basic knowledge about psychology and popular psychology with just a few questions! Can you separate the fact from fiction?

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Left-brained people are more logical, while right-brained people are more creative.

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Personality is stable over your life time

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We have over 10 sensory systems in the body.

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Learning new languages and music can delay cognitive decline

Mental health problems don't necessarily mean one has a serious disorder.

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Mental health problems always require medical intervention.

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We have 80-100 billion neurons that make our brain and 80-100 billion support staff cells in the brain called glial cells.

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Our memory can record details as well as a photograph or audio-recording.

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Psychologists have medical degrees.

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People are auditory, visual, or kinesthetic (hands-on-experience) learners. If you match learning material's format to their learning style, they learn better.

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Smiling on purpose, even when you don't feel like, can improve mood.

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