11 Simple habits to maintain when you are on the internet!

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Let’s dive right in, these are a few pointers to guide online behavior I think are worth implementing! 

  1. Online politeness & courtesy – needless to say, be polite wherever you are! 
  2. Managing bookmarks.
  3. Managing uploaded documents/media (google drive, YouTube, etc.).
  4. Keeping your email inbox clean and organized.
  5. Acknowledging good content – A lot of online content is free although it is a result of hard work. Take a few seconds to acknowledge it and make the authors feel like they rewarded.
  6. Backup Login Ids and Passwords
  7. Keeping plugins up to date
  8. Spreading information which is reliable. Check where it’s coming from and verify if you can. A lot of false knowledge spreads because the user does not cross-check facts. For example, the brain does not work at 10% capacity. We use 100% percent.
  9. If you want to gather information on a specific topic. Find an article and check its sources and citations. They often provide much richer information.
  10. A lot of great search results are available on the later pages of google. You can find extraordinary and legitimate content on google pages beyond 10 or 15.
  11. Special mention: Delete unnecessary large items. It costs someone some amount of money to keep things stored online and the 3.5 billion+ of us using it right now collectively make using the internet a little more expensive! Let’s not do that. 

I know most of these are basic habits but I feel many don’t make the most with these. This cyberspace is like home!

Honestly speaking, I myself have occasionally failed to maintain these habits! But, yes, there is deliberate effort put into implementing them… now that I preach them! 

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2 thoughts on “11 Simple habits to maintain when you are on the internet!”

  1. How can i manage my bookmarks (mainly Quora and other apps) i have thousands of bookmarks and I don’t know how to sort them properly so as to access them later more properly..

    • The best way you can do this is to organize them in folders – topic & category folders are efficient for many, including me. You can also create website folders (Quora-random trivia, quora-explanations, quora-self-help, etc.)

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