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By Aditya Shukla, Psychology Author, Cognition Today

New human-tech trends to expect in 2024


AI tools and their conversational nature mimic helpful peers and friends.

AIs are categorized as useful friends.


People love browsing and discovering things to consume. They don't always come looking for something specific.

Internet search is curiosity- & discovery-driven.


Daily activities and work tasks change rapidly with mechanisms to grab attention, ensuring you focus on them.

Attention spans are fully task-dependent.


Too many apps on the phone.. people will choose everything from browsers.

Browsers are treated as super-apps.


Better ad targeting and a chaotic world with too much information will get simplified by well-placed ads.

Adverts will do good by simplifying chaos.


Tech will not be just mobile-friendly, it'll be desktop-friendly, server-first-mobile-first.

Mobile-friendly becomes mobile-server-first.


Apps with primary everyday-use features become super-apps. More apps do payments, conversation, productivity, content, and sales.

Ultra-super-app era.

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