Your child might have at least  2 of these 8 types of intelligence



Visuo-spatial intelligence

Describes sophistication in visualizing and arranging information in a mental map.

Hints: Puzzles, drawing, maps, direction sense, design


Naturalist intelligence

Describes an understanding of nature and life forms

Hints: Interest in plants and animals, understands pets, likes natural phenomena


Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

Describes a deep understanding of movement, body positions, coordination, dance, sports, etc

Hints: Dance, sports, motor dexterity, building things


Musical intelligence

Describes an intuitive understanding of sounds, rhythm, voice, etc.

Hints: Remembers melodies, rhythm sense, hums/sings,  makes music, appreciates music


Linguistic intelligence

Describes language skills and comprehension

Hints: Remembers words, high comprehension, abv. avg. reading/vocab, communicates easily


Intra-personal intelligence

Describes personal insight, self-reflection, self-awareness, etc.

Hints: Understands reasons for why we behave a certain way, thinks deeply about their actions


Interpersonal intelligence

Describes social and emotional intelligence regarding relationships, culture, communities, etc.

Hints: High empathy and kindness, polite, makes friends


Logical-mathematical intelligence

Describes scientific thinking, liking of numbers and theories, etc.

Hints: Good with numbers, logic, science, persuasive