4 Effortless Habits that Improve memory at any age 


Memory isn't a default setting.

Practicing memory tasks each day for a few seconds can help. Make that effort

Remember all your OTPs, token numbers, and passcodes.


For Short-term memory and confidence in memory

Remember all your passwords by creating a system. 


For thinking about your memory

Remember your vehicle numbers, friend’s phone numbers, birth dates, and card details


For long-term memory

Remember people with their name, face, social media posts, industry domain, one personal bit, location of meeting, first and last interactions to glue social details together into a meaningful “profile” about the person.


For working-memory, and long-term social memory

🧪Proof: Gotta verify you remember something, or else it decays. 🔁Rehearsal: Strengthen memory by repeating it. 😎Confidence: Trust you can remember; it comes from your “meta-memory” after proof and rehearsal, which decides what you know.

Memory capacity comes down to proof, rehearsal, and confidence.

Don't copy-paste, rehearse and test your memory regularly