8 everyday choices you make are already protecting your mental health, find out what they are!

By Cognition Today

Choosing money

Research shows money is directly tied to mental health, a rather unsurprising finding. Not valuing money means having trouble adjusting to life.


Trying out new things

Variety across all aspects of life are a source of "psychological richness." It is 1 of 3 components of a good life.


Self-care, me-time, self-pampering

Attention toward yourself in the form of self-love leads to higher life satisfaction, and stronger boundaries that reduce social stress.


Choosing rewards and pleasure

Choosing rewards - known as "hedonism" - is a necessary component of a good life. Rewards create motivation and improve decisions.


Sharing memes

Believe it or not, sharing memes is psychologically healthy, because research shows the relatability, humor, and self-expression via memes protects mental health.


Focusing on Identity

Many decisions depend on what you think of yourself. Your world-view and ability to simplify the world also depends on your identity. So self-exploration is a protective factor.


Planning for exercise, nutrition, and sleep

Exercise, nutrition, and good sleep maintain the body. When the body's biology functions at it's best, the mind functions at it's best.


Taking breaks from work

In an overstimulated work-life, breaks are necessary to reset cognitive abilities and motivation. Without those, stress compounds and makes adjusting to work difficult.