5 FUN & weird Brain phenomena you see daily

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These "glitches" are not clinical problems, they are just consequences of the brain's complexity and sometimes, clunky design


Presque Vu

Pronounced Peres-Q-vu. It describes the tip of the tongue phenomena when you know something but just can't recall it. Here, your meta-memory tells you what you know, but your memory fails at actual recall.


Semantic satiation

Words you repeat a lot or type a lot very quickly suddenly feel they are spelt wrong and have no meaning. Overexposure to a word makes it feel "off".



You  realize someone else can't understand something because they don't know how to recognize it and have no words to describe it. Lacking words and a mental picture for a concept makes us not able to think about that concept.



The language and accent we use is called a "code". Multi-lingual people, often shift between accents and languages very smoothly. That's code switching, sometimes 1 language describes an idea, so the brain switches gears. 



When stressed and in emotional difficulties, we quickly adopt habitual behaviors like humming a happy song, talking to an animal in baby voice, banging the table, pace around, etc. to feel better. This is the brain soothing itself with low effort behavior.