You can raise your energy level with some simple behaviors

You can raise your energy level with some simple behaviors

Step 1: Improve your sleep

Use an eye patch and/or earplugs or white noise or rain sounds to improve the actual rest you get during sleep.

Avoid screen time 1 hour before sleep, audio is ok

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Step 2: Get out of bed and start moving your body

Don’t linger in bed for more than 5 mins

Get your morning routine done ASAP

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Dance, exercise, and avoid siting for long, high movement = high arousal

Step 3: Maintain your hygiene and wear clean clothes

Happy body, happy looks, happy mind

Improve the aromas around you, nature and flowers are perfect.

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Step 4: Restore your attention

Use the 20-20-20 rule to reduce eye fatigue. Every 20 mins of screen, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds

Exercise, take breaks, and have meaningful hobbies that give pleasure

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Step 5: Finish what you’ve procrastinated

Avoiding things becomes a burden and source of stress/anxiety that puts your body in "freeze"

Get the big stuff out of the day in your first half of productivity

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Step 6: Balance your nutrition

Deficiencies and lack of calories worsen the brain's ability to stay active. Rectify them. Oh and have water.

Don’t overeat, 80% full is a good rule. Food coma and being too full  will make you neglect tasks.

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Step 7: Drink Coffee

Caffeine binds to adenosine receptors and blocks adenosine which would've made you sleepy. It also prevents adenosine build up.

Avoid coffee if it makes you very anxious. But some anxiety can keep you energetic.

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Bonus 1: Power naps

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Powernaps put you into stage 1 and 2 sleep which generally only restore your energy. No longer than 1 hour, else you'll get sleep inertia.

Bonus 2: Willpower

Willpower to do something - aka feeling energetic - is literally how much glucose your brain has.

Ensure your metabolism is medically ok.

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