True self-worth comes from within... from 3 sources.

By Aditya Shukla, Psychologist


If you lose your appearance,  job, possessions, & achievements from your self-worth, what remains?


Self-worth should come from within, so it doesn't go during a crisis.


Reflexive consciousness

If your thoughts are someone else's, you are borrowing someone else's self-worth.

Focus: How you think about yourself.


What you think is influenced by others' inputs, but you get to reform those thoughts. Your thoughts about yourself become self-worth.


Interpersonal relationships

If your behavior is solely based on others' needs, they control your self-worth.

Focus: The role you play in other's lives.


Relationships are necessary for survival, but you don't have to prioritize a relationship over yourself. Your personal priorities becomes self-worth.


Executive functions

If someone else makes decisions for you, they own your self-worth. This is when you lose control of yourself.

Focus: Who guides your behavior and perception.


You can't always make decisions for yourself, but you can try to make choices, change them, and ask for advice whenever you want to. Your decisions become self-worth

The source of self-worth

Outside you

Inside you


Looks, achievements, job, success, possessions

Your decisions, your thoughts, your beliefs about yourself