Here's how you find trust and start making friends as an adult

Action Plan included

By Aditya Shukla, Author at Cognition Today


If your friends moved away.. Or if just moved elsewhere... Or you were betrayed by friends.... 

You need psychological comfort and create a safe space... here's how to find it.

Familiarity: Be in each other's presence. More you see each other, more you start liking each other. (Mere exposure effect)


Reciprocity: Do favors and ask for favors. People conclude they like each other when they do favors. Doing favors indicates the absence of threat. (Ben Franklin effect)


Knowledge: People fear the unknown, so ensure others have some knowledge about you and you learn something about them. (Uncertainty aversion)


This will get you




Action plan

Exchange likes on social media

Ask for small favors

Visit the same places

Exchange knowledge about hobbies

Greet each other frequently

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