Smartest Humans in TV fiction

By Aditya Shukla, Psychologist, founder of Cognition Today

I've selected 7 Geniuses from popular TV

Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper has an IQ of 187. This is so high that IQ tests are not even built to handle it. He has 2 doctorates and works as a theoretical physicist  and has an eidetic memory (can recall the exact scene with the mind's eye). Sheldon is a 6 sigma IQ, likely to be 1 in 500 million people.

The Big Bang Theory

Temperance "bones" Brennan

Bones is a forensic anthropologist with 3 doctorates and exceptional skill in her areas. Like Sheldon, she also lacks in other {social domains". Her IQ could be in the 160s.


Howard Wolowitz

Howard is just a masters in engineering, but speaks 7 languages, juggles, sings, plays piano, does magic, goes to space, builds robots, has creepy social skills, exceptional humor, and generally fun. He is very likely the most all-round genius of the whole cast.

The Big Bang Theory

Sherlock Holmes

Arguably, Sherlock Holmes might be the smartest TV show character in history given the complexity of successful work without much "plot armor". His IQ is likely to be 190-200,, with exceptional deduction, reasoning, knowledge, and learning capacity. Probably a 1 in 4 billion kinda guy.

By Benedict_Cumberbatch_filming_Sherlock.jpg: Fat Les from London, UKderivative work: RanZag (talk) - Benedict_Cumberbatch_filming_Sherlock.jpg, CC BY 2.0,


Felicity Smoak

A trusted member of Green Arrow's team, felicity is the technical backbone who can effectively hack her way into anything and resolve any and all scientific limitations. And, she doesn't lack in any social domain to offset her intellect.


Michael Burnham

Spock's sister is a human capable of outsmarting Vulcans, who is one of the smartest organic species in the universe. She is the captain of discovery, has exceptional ethics and negotiation skills, and leadership

Star Trek: Discovery

Richard Hendricks

Richard Hendricks builds a game changing algorithm to compress data, and then outdoes himself 3x under heavy pressure. His story is of applying his big brain correctly and wrongly with a start up based in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley