Simplified Life: 7 Genius Psychology Tricks for Easy Living

By Cognition Today

Smile deliberately to improve your mood

studies indicate that intentionally smiling moderately improves mood. When smiling, facial muscles signal the brain to align its activity with the smiling expression.


Look out the window to reduce motion sickness

Motion sickness occurs when your eyes and ears send conflicting signals to the brain about movement, causing discomfort. Look outside or explain the movement to alleviate it.


Look between the eyes.

If eye contact gives you anxiety, focus between the eyes. No direct eye contact but people can't tell the difference between real and fake eye contact.


How to break bad news

If you want to give bad news, don't announce it. Say something soft so that the listener concludes the news instead of debating or denying it. Eg. Your uncle had a heart attack and couldn't make it. The listener finds this more acceptable when he concludes "so is he dead?" instead of going in denial about hearing "your uncle is dead."


Warm your body when you are lonely

 If you are lonely, drink warm soup, wear socks, and get inside a blanket. The brain interprets physical warmth as social warmth, which then counters loneliness.


Chunk info for memory

Break down numbers into groups of 2-3. Group similar things together. The brain loves well-organized and small information. And it's easier to recall.


Set self-reminders

If you are forgetful, tell your brain you have to remember something at a later date or time. This activates the brain's prospective memory which is responsible for "remembering to remember".


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