The evolutionary purpose of 6 basic emotions

Do you know what your emotions mean?

By Aditya Shukla, psychologist, founder of Cognition Today

Surprise learn and attract attention

Title 1

People are surprised when their expectations are violated. It then triggers your attention to focus on something new. It is proof that your attention is captured.

Anger – bargain for better treatment from others

People get angry when they feel they have been treated poorly. So they use anger as a way to negotiate better treatment by threatening harm.

Fear –  run from danger

Fear directly comes from feeling a sense of threat. The body then quickly enters survival mode.

Disgust avoid sickness

Disgust is a response to rotting smells which generally indicate food is unhealthy. It's an instinct to puke out so rotting food doesn't stay in the stomach to further hurt the body.

Sadness overcome a loss, seek empathy and bonding

Sadness is a complex emotion, but researchers believe it primary purpose is to enter a low energy state and seek empathy for social help.

Happiness repeat a rewarding behavior, social bonding

Joy, specifically, and not the philosophical idea of happiness, is a reward for the brain to repeat a behavior that helps in some way.

The evolution of these emotions: MEMES

Memes are advanced emotions and outsourced thought patterns. Read my explanation below.