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Money Psychology Toxic relationship with money

Aditya Shukla, Psychologist, Cognition Today

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Scripts are our beliefs about money.

We have a relationship with money based on Money Scripts.

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Money scripts are beliefs and habits about money that come from culture, family values, financial status, purchasing power, scarcity, and past experiences (Klontz, 2011)

How scripts form

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Money Avoidance




4 Toxic Money Scripts

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Money Avoidance

We treat money negatively. – we feel we don’t deserve it – we avoid discussing it – we sacrifice it

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Money Worship

We think money solves all problems. – we ignore relationships and ethics for money – we obsessively desire and hype money

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Money Status

Our self-worth comes from money. – we flex our earnings & show off possessions – our purchases define us

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Money Vigilance

We get anxious & extra careful about money. – we become hyper-savers – we sacrifice well-being for savings – we constantly worry about finances

These behaviors directly affect financial health & wellbeing 


Personal sense of worth, accurately valuing yourself in a job, asking for promotions, etc.


Tax compliance, Donations


CIBIL score, interest rates, loanability


Money-borrowing-based friendship & family conflict