8 Habits to strengthen your mind-body connection

8 Habits to strengthen your mind-body connection

Written By

Aditya Shukla, Cognition Today



The mind-body connection is "literal". Train your body = train your mind


Nature mindfulness

Nature triggers biophilia - our tendency to connect with lifeforms. It makes us very aware of ourselves.



Complete mind-body connection including limbs, core, breathing, and spatial orientation. Get in the habit of moving to music.


Interoception - Body scan

Interoception is our sense of connecting with bodily sensations like pain, hunger, twitches, strain, etc. Take 5 minutes to notice your body's state.


Mindful Bathing

Bathing involves touching and self-grooming. Paying attention to the state of your body helps build the connection. Don't bathe on auto-pilot.


Biology Learning

Take a few minutes every day to learn about the body. That learning helps you conceptualize your body. Without that learning, it is hard to be connected to it.


Health monitoring

Devices like FitBit help you keep your body's state in check. The numbers bring attention to how the body responds during the day.


Spatial reasoning games/sport

Nothing is as potent as sports and spatial reasoning games to connect decision-making to bodily movements.