Mind-body Connection: 10 Facts that prove it is deep

Mind-body Connection: 10 Facts that prove it is deep

Written By

Aditya Shukla, Cognition Today


40,000 neural connections in the heart

The heart and brain are in constant talk about emotions, fight or flight, and safety.


Gut health = Brain health

The gut's mini-brain structure and the gut microbiome influence mental health, IBS, skin health, anxiety, and homeostasis.


90% Serotonin forms in the gut

Over 90% of the neurochemical serotonin comes from the gut. It is the neurochemical that improves our mood.


Physical hobbies, mental advantages

Hobbies  like dance & music give a boost to cognitive skills like spatial reasoning + memory.


Practice makes multi-tasking

Physical practice and repetition makes multi-tasking easy because the tasks act as "muscle memory".


High brain space for movement

A very large part of the brain - the motor cortex - is dedicated to physical movement.


Interoception - sensing the body

Interoception is an in-built internal sense about the status of our body parts. Sensing pain, hunger, changes in muscle tension, etc.


Identity has a location

Our sense of identity is a location within (egocentric)  or outside (allocentric) our body, with the body always being a reference point.


Empathy is a body simulation

Empathy is our simulation of someone else's body's state. Like a deep mimic. This is done by the "as-if-body-loop".


Bodily states influence decisions

Our decisions are influenced by our body's arousal state like hunger, thirst,  and pain. But we can't figure out when or how.