Loneliness is an expected winter pandemic

10 tips from research studies

By Cognition Today

The tips are based on 2 findings: 1. The brain equates temperature to emotions. cold = lonely, hot = social 2. Consumption behavior tricks the brain into feeling less lonely

Have warm drinks and soup - physical warmth is interpreted as social warmth by the brain


Wear snug clothes - socks, muffler/scarf, tight clothing


Make small talk when you can - others are also lonely


Use more blankets and pillows to feel like cuddles - increases feelings of touch and safety


Watch an exciting TV show - parasocial relationships with characters buffer against loneliness


Buy things for yourself - self love as self gifts makes us feel good


Buy/Consume things that make you feel a sense of belonging- Products about a fandom, way of life, past music, etc.


Start reading fiction - immerse yourself in an empathetic connection with a book


Go for a spa or massage - human contact and pampering can lift your spirits


Start gaming with other online players - a sense of community can reduce loneliness dramatically


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