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7 Future-Proof Skills for Psychologists and Psych Grads

by Aditya Shukla, psychologist, entrepreneur


Visual Design

Psychologists of tomorrow need to persuade and make attention grabbing  visuals for data in public health, mental health, research, and entrepreneurship. They also need to voice their ideas, so a website is a start.

Skills: Canva, Catchy words, Mindmaps, charts, wordpress/portoflio sites


Video content

Marketing anything, including mental health, needs a visual presence on screen. No face, no trust. Psychologists need to show their face to make their recommendations feel "Human"

Skills: Reels, Instagram, YT shorts, TikTok


Product design

Products and services are meant for humans to use, so human interaction, behavior change, satisfying user needs, compliance, etc., is a psych angle on products.

Skills: Web-design, prototyping, UIUX, user journey, physical design, utility, features, gamification


AI and tech

A psycholgist needs to understand cutting edge tech because it affects everyday life. Without tech, psychology is irrelevant because the environment itself is tech.

Skills: Impact of AI, how AI solves problems, new gadgets, apps on mobile



To make good websites, products, analyze data, psychologists need to "talk" with tech. And that's coding. Coding also streamlines thinking into logical flow, which helps in sensitive situations.

Skills: Scripting languages for experiments, R&D, data collection, and prototyping business ideas


Public speaking

Psychologists play a social role in public health. They need to know how to portray themselves to the public confidently, sensitively, and accurately.

Skills: Storytelling, persuasion, tweeting, commentary on new developments, etc.


Research Re-analysis

The replication crisis, bad psych theories, improper evidence, etc. Psychologists need to know how to select the valuable research from the generic studies published fort the sake of publishing

Skills: Reading and interpreting research, correcting wrong insights, selecting accurate insights