Fear vs. Anxiety Know the difference

Fear: Response to real current threats

Anxiety: Response to uncertainty and anticipated threats

-Brakes failing -Intruder in your house -Ingesting something poisonous -Getting caught red-handed in a crime -Learning the dangers of a situation you are in

Fear examples

-Dating -Starting a new job -Waiting for exam results -Cliffhangers in a season finale -Medical symptoms before they are checked

Anxiety examples

Fear and anxiety both share common biological symptoms -racing heart -sweating -dilating pupils -tense muscles -fight/flight/freeze response

But different cognitive symptoms Anxiety: overthinking, negative thinking, worry, controlling behavior, attempts to reduce uncertainty, feeling of doom, being self-critical Fear: Preparing to fight or flee, narrow focus, getting resourceful, planning behavior, avoidance behavior

Phobias are fear and anxiety put together. Panic attacks are uncontrolled biological symptoms of anxiety with breathlessness. They pass.