How to fall asleep faster than ever before

By Cognition Today

- Aditya Shukla, applied psychologist

Sleep cleans up debris in the brain, improves emotion regulation, and fast-tracks learning. It's a biological efficiency booster.

Warm your feet

Use socks or warm water to warm your feet. They promote vasodilation - expanding of blood vessels - which leads to heat loss in the body. Heat loss triggers the brain to initiate sleep.


Use the bed only for sleep

The longer you stay in bed awake, the more  your brain associates it with wakefulness. The bed has to be a trigger for sleep, so it should only be associated with sleep. This icalled classical conditioning.


Use blue light filters or dim lighting for screens

Visible light is made of different amounts of light energy. Blue light is the most energetic at around 450 nanometers wavelength. This frequency stimulates the eyes a lot, so the brain. Reduce blue light to reduce how much your brain is stimulated.


Reduce body arousal and alertness

Avoid coffee and heavy sensory stimulation. Caffeine blocks adenosine in the brain which is supposed to slow it down. You can use mild sensory stimulation like reruns of a familiar TV show or familiar music to drown out random noises that alert the brain.


Finish your work and have a productive day

Incomplete work continues to rerun in the brain and creates intrusive thoughts that keep you awake. (the Zeigarnik effect). It increases anxiety and guilt. Completing your work also makes you feel you deserve rest, so it's easier to sl


Adjust your environment and posture

-ensure the room is just slightly cold enough to snuggle up -use eye masks + ear plugs to drown out ambient noise and light which can break your sleep attempts. -try sleeping with pillows below or between your knees --relax yourself in bed