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Buddy up: 10x your productivity with an accountability buddy


By Aditya Shukla, Psychologist and founder (Cognition Today)

Productivity recipe

Step 1: Find a friend

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You need a trusted friend who will be a little strict with you and with whom you can be strict. But, be mindful and encouraging too.

Step 2: The tasks

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Every Sunday afternoon, prepare a list of 5-10 tasks for the week. You start them on monday. Share on Whatsapp. - specific, important, concrete tasks

Step 2.5: Daily talk

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Check in with your buddy every day. Talk about how you will complete the tasks and when you can expect to finish them.

Step 3: Reporting

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Try to finish by Friday, not Sunday -this ensures that you don't feel like a failure. -you get buffer time till sunday to finish. -it's less of a burden when you have buffer time.

Why it works: First sleep

Sunday task list means you can have 1 good night's sleep with the tasks in mind. The brain starts preparing before you act. The emotional burden reduces after that sleep.

Why it works: Buffer time

Checking in early, on the next friday, means you get time to catch up and cover up for what's missing. This delays negative emotions like feeling like a failure or wasting your week.


1. Make a list of 5-10  items on sunday. 2. Share them with your friend. 3. Start on Monday. 4. Check-in on Friday. 5. Use saturday and sunday to catch up.


1. You get company for work. 2. You procrastinate less because of accountability. 3. You spiral less because you get buffer time. 4. You start thinking in terms of specific tasks. 5. The routine becomes a habit that lasts months.


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