Biohacking yourself: Fake it till you make it tips

By Cognition Today


Fake it till you make it is not lying. Biohacking is not genetic engineering. Both are about using crafty psychological tricks to change how your body works and how you feel.

Expect more from yourself

The Galatea effect says our performance rises when we expect realistically better from ourselves. Low expectation = bad performance = low confidence.


Act like you are batman.

Or anyone else. Thinking you are a superhero activates different parts of your brain based on how you think the hero behaves. This includes thinking strategically, smartly, and more assertively.


Look between the eyes.

If eye contact gives you anxiety, focus between the eyes. No direct eye contact but people can't tell the difference between real and fake eye contact.


Smile in a tough situation.

Smiling activates facial muscles, which, in turn, changes brain activity to induce a mood that fits that smile - so a good mood. This is the facial feedback hypothesis. It's reverse engineering your mood.


Sit and stand straight when you feel down.

A slouched back worsens mood because it tells your brain you are in a defeated situation. Instead, stand upright and sit upright. This puts your body into an alert, active mood. Erect postures also help people recover from negative moods quickly.


Use your full name with initials

Historically, people are used to seeing full names appearing only on authority documents like science papers, books, etc. So in some situations, you can use them to feel more authoritative. I am Aditya S. Shukla, not just Aditya.


Visualize skills to improve skills

Visualization activates neurons and muscles to a small degree. So if you visualize what you are learning, activating those muscles and neurons becomes a form of training. It also gives confidence by feeling you are prepared.


Create associations

Hebbs rule of neuronal connection says what fires together wires together. If 2 things happen at the same time, one starts causing the other. So if you are unhappy at work, associate work with good music or good networking, then the 2 make you think of work positively.


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