9 Psychology Facts that show how the brain really works

Looking at puppies and kittens can temporarily make us more careful, focus our attention, and enhance fine-motor dexterity. Cute things make us delicate.


The Kawaii Effect

Our brain pulses like our heart, ever so slightly. You aren't just a heart throb, you are a brain throb UwU.


The Pulsing Brain

Desserts served in round plates are perceived to be sweeter than those in other types of plates. It applies to sounds, people, and textures!


Cross-modal perception

We easily groove to bassy music because we process time better with low frequency sounds.


Groovy Bass

Humans perceive pain and heat via very similar sensory mechanisms. Sometimes we cannot differentiate between the two. The TRPV1 receptors on the skin do both.


Heat hurts

The feeling of falling down while sleeping is called a “hypnic jerk”. It occurs because an active brain during sleep interprets resting muscles as "falling".


Hypnic Jerks

We are often more creative while solving other people’s problems than our own because the psychological distance makes us think abstractly.


Everyone's Shrink

About 5% people derive no pleasure from music and some can’t even comprehend it. There auditory cortex doesn't associate with reward centers in the brain.


Musical anhedonia

Subtitles improve our ability to listen even though they “feel” like a distraction. Sounds and words amplify each other when they match.


Sub vs. No sub debate