Neuroscience life hacks based on common sense



1. If you are lonely, drink warm soup, wear socks, and get inside a blanket. The brain interprets physical warmth as social warmth.

2. If you can’t make eye contact with others, look between their eyes. Others can’t tell the difference.

3. If you want to multitask while watching TV shows, turn on subtitles. Audio + subs increase the brain’s processing speed more than just reading subs or just audio.

4. Use a sleep mask to prevent ambient light from disturbing your sleep. Your memory will improve because deep sleep strengthens your memory and the mask improves sleep.

5. Reduce eye fatigue due to screen time with the 20–20–20 rule - for every 20 mins of the screen, look away at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

6. If you are eating a sloppy burger, use fries to barricade the sloppy fillings while eating. Make sure you bite halfway into the fry so it stays in position. Otherwise, it’ll pull out and spill the rest.

7. Flip your burger upside down if your burger is prone to breakage or spillage. It also changes the bun-to-meat ratio your mouth consumes.

8. Saying Hi and smiling is far better at disarming strangers than coming up with some pseudo-witty remark or an odd compliment. Do that after the hi.