7 Ways to protect your brain from early aging

Aditya Shukla  Cognition Today

For better memory, attention, problem-solving, and daily life

Early aging brain means your memory declines rapidly, you lose focus, you feel slow, your comprehension drops, and daily life gets hard. This may or may not happen due to diseases like Alzheimer's

Learn a new language, be a bilingual or multi-lingual

Every new language you learn strengthens wide neural networks that delay cognitive decline.


Stay mentally active: Games, puzzles, hobbies, challenging work

Those who are mentally active and not passive tend to live longer with better brain function.


Exercise 5 hours a week

Exercise improves motivation, positive feelings, and neural growth. All 3 protect against mental decline.


Learn a musical instrument

Music and musical instruments engage the whole body and brain in novel ways, which creates vast resources that fortify the brain.


Make friends and network with people

Loneliness kills the brain. People help people thrive through help and random exchange of benefits.


Continue progressing in some domain

Effort to improve and motivation to have better skills makes the brain strengthen neural structures that compensate for age-related damage.


Don't sacrifice sleep

Sleep repairs neurons and removes cell debris from the brain. It also refines what you've learned throughout your life for future use.