7 Types of love and their resulting relationships

7 Types of love and their resulting relationships

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Aditya Shukla, psychologist

Sternberg's theory of love

Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment are the 3 components of love. All combinations lead to a type of love.

Types of love 1. Liking (Intimacy) 2. Companionate Love (Intimacy + Commitment) 3. Empty Love (just commitment) 4. Fatuous Love (Passion + Commitment) 5. Infatuation (Passion) 6. Romantic Love (Intimacy + Passion) 7. Consummate Love (Passion + Intimacy + Commitment)



Liking includes only one element of the three – intimacy that allows for a friendship without any passion or long-term commitment.

Friends, FwB, casual dating


Companionate Love

It includes a combination of intimacy and commitment. It is a close, long-term friendship that typifies a healthy marriage where the passion has faded.

FwB, relationship, mature love


Empty Love

This includes only commitment, and as it says, it is empty, with no intimacy or passion.

Marriage without love, FwB


Fatuous Love

Commitment is formed based on passion without any intimacy, a somewhat non-sexual relationship with company.

Loveless marriage, marriage of convenience, dying relationship, asexual relationship



This is passionate and obsessive and resembles love at first sight and is pure passion.

Situationship, One-sided love, Pre-dating phase, One night stands


Romantic Love

Here, individuals are physically and emotionally attracted to each other but haven’t committed to the relationship.

Exclusive relationship, Polyamory, Open relationship, Situationship


Consummate love

A combination of all three elements. It is the ideal perfect love that is difficult to attain and maintain.

Marriage, Long-term relationship