7 Bad Study Habits Limiting your Grades

7 Bad Study Habits Limiting your Grades

Written By

Aditya Shukla


Long study hours

Study in short bursts (20 mins to 1.5 hours) so your brain gets breathing room. Efficiency > hours.


Staying up late and waking up early to study

Your brain needs sleep to solidify your study material.


Not knowing what to study

Always have a starting point. If you don't have one, ask your friends or teacher.


Fixating on the volume of study material

If you focus on the total material, you'll get overwhelmed and procrastinate. Small steps at a time.


Procrastinating by gathering all material and planning too much

When you start studying, actually start studying. Avoid planning too much.


Not enjoying, partying, gaming, dating, etc.

As a student, you are entitled to fun. If your daily life is enjoyable, you can focus better.


Neglecting food, water, and exercise

Food, water, and exercise maintain the brain and body. If you ignore that, you lose your processing power.

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